Get the ingredients for early-stage growth.

Mixing marketing, data & automation into recipes that will help your startup acquire & retain more customers.

without the overhead.

You've built a great product, but unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Your recipe for growth requires another ingredient: marketing.

But there's a problem.

You're not ready to hire in-house marketing & growth specialists, less-experienced hires would need too much training & guidance, and you simply don’t have time to try and figure it all out yourself.

That's where I step in.

By splitting my time across a small, select group of startups, I can "fill the gaps", providing each company with knowledge, experience & expertise that would otherwise be out of reach.

Hi, I’m David Turnbull.

I’ve spent the past 10 years honing my skills as a growth marketing specialist at early-stage SaaS & e-commerce startups.

I’ve worked with a mix of bootstrapped & venture-backed businesses, and was the co-owner of an e-commerce business that successfully scaled to acquisition.

I'm now channeling my experience to assist early-stage startups that need marketing & growth expertise, but aren’t ready to hire full-time in-house specialists.

Working with me

With a decade of early-stage experience, I can dive straight into your challenges, blending strategic advice with operational know-how.

I work at 'startup speed', and offer fast, direct and flexible support.

Having built & launched products myself, I understand the realities of the entrepreneurial journey and can adapt my services to your changing needs.

My ultimate aim is to help your startup grow to the point where you won't need me anymore.

  • I enjoy the challenge of the early-stage, where you need to be creative and simply throwing money & resources at your problems isn't an option.
  • You get what you paid for – fast, direct access to me, not an ever-changing team of junior staffers assigned to your agency account.
  • I won't lock you in to any long-term contracts or commitments, and you can scale my services up or down as needed.
"Our growth was stalling until David arrived. He sparked a swift turnaround, and within a few weeks our sales were increasing and continued to grow until we were acquired."
Oliver Stevens
Founder, Oliver James Group
(Acquired 2021)

Some of the ways I can help


Having a great product is not enough. To give your startup the best shot at success, you need to establish solid foundations for growth.

I'll help you tick the essential tasks off your list: defining a strong value proposition, crafting a potent growth strategy, selecting the optimal acquisition channels, establishing 'North Star' goals, and more.

Design a powerful

Marketing, data & AI tools can be a game changer, giving small, lean teams the edge they need to compete. But wading through long lists of tools to find, compare, select & implement the best option isn't a good use of your time.

From customer data platforms (CDP) to automated messaging, I can equip you with a tailored tech stack that will drive streamlined, automated growth for your startup, without straining your budget or distracting your hard working engineers.

your customer journey

From acquiring & retaining customers to boosting revenue, I'll work with you to pinpoint the areas of your funnel that need attention, then conduct experiments for growth and further optimization.

And I won't lose sight of the bigger picture – there's no point running A/B tests if you have a small user base, or prioritizing SEO if revenue is your immediate concern.

that fit your needs

Whether you're looking for ongoing support, help with a specific issue, or additional expertise to bolster your existing team, I’ve got you covered.

Growth Marketer

Boost your growth without breaking the bank.
I’ll partner with you on a rolling monthly commitment, providing marketing expertise tailored to your needs at a cost that's more affordable than a full-time hire.

Individual Projects

Move those important projects from "To-Do" to "Done".
From implementing a CDP to optimizing your marketing funnels, I'll step in, deliver results, and let you focus on what you do best: running your startup.


Get quick, reliable advice when you need it.
I'll provide you with fast, accurate advice & support as you need it, guided by my decade of professional experience working with early-stage startups.
These are just a few of the ways I can help.
If you'd like to discuss your options in more detail, please get in touch.
“I don’t think I’ve met anyone else with David’s enthusiasm and capacity for knowledge and learning new skills.” 
Tre Wee
Founder, The Loppist

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