Helping companies grow.

I'm David Turnbull, an independent growth consultant.

I have years of experience finding creative ways to help companies beat their growth targets.

I work with technology-enabled companies across a range of industries, including e-commerce, b2b SaaS and Amazon FBA.

Client: Oliver James Group

Industry: Ecommerce, Amazon FBA

Results: Increased Revenue. Company acquired.

With no prior Amazon FBA experience, I tested a number of strategies that led to OJG securing the #1 category position for their key product across all of Amazon's major European marketplaces. OJG was subsequently sold to a leading aggregator in 2021.

Client: Resource Guru

Industry: B2B SaaS

Results: Increased MRR, decreased Churn

I managed the company's ad and sponsorship spend, working within tight CAC restraints to deliver vital recurring revenue each month. I also implemented systems to help retain existing customers, leading to a significant decrease in monthly churn.

I know how stressful it is when you're not hitting your growth targets. It feels like you're banging your head against the wall, and nothing seems to work.

When you're so close to the problem it can be helpful to let someone else take a look and offer a fresh perspective.

Are you having trouble reaching your revenue, profit or user targets?

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